Monday, December 6, 2010

Bread! Get Your Bread Here! Freshly-Baked Breads are Here!

No, I'm not going to break out into a musical number reminiscent of the "I Love Egg" song. But seriously, there are few things more enticing than the aroma of freshly baked bread, right out of the oven. And when it comes to fresh bread, there is one place that will satisfy and exceed: Bread & Cie. Situated on University Avenue in Hillcrest, this lovely little bakery fails to escape the attention of people passing by with the lingering scent of fresh bread.

Inside, the first thing one will notice are the loaves of various breads lined up on bread racks. Their selection of bread is quite impressive, and they also feature a "Bread of the Day." Displays full of desserts and pastries, both sweet and savory, are seen upon closer inspection of the shop. And then overhead, behind the counters, hangs the menu written across several blackboards. While you stand there gazing between the bread, the desserts, and the menu, the smell of baked goods continues to make its way around the room. At this point, this is Bakery Paradise.

With so many appetizing selections, it could take a while before making a choice here. Choosing just one? Equally as hard. Fortunately, most of their sandwich items feature one of their delicious breads, so ordering on their lunch menu could help with the decision...

...or make it even harder to choose. But look at the bright side. At least you can take your time trying out the different varieties, because with the quality of Bread & Cie, it will most definitely be around for a long time.

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